Saturday, March 10, 2007

Better Run, Because the Rovers are in Town

Sligo Rovers appeared not to be too perturbed by Rob McDonald's absconding on the eve of the new season, as they travelled to Terryland and comfortably defeated newly-promoted Galway United 2-0. Galway were subject to this rather over-enthusiastic eulogy in The Guardian this week, no doubt penned by a fan of theirs. Nick Leeson, he who brought down Baring's Bank has been working to make Galway a profitable enterprise. Best of luck to both Leeson and Galway but 'the best-run club in these parts'? Considering the way Sligo have kept themselves healthy financially since their brush with defunction in 1989, and won a few trophies in that time too, we might smile indulgently at Galway's newly-found fame thanks to a high-profile general manager. Well-run they might be but, even in the unsure world of League of Ireland football these days, results are still what count. Unless you happen to be Galway United, who were beaten three times by Dundalk last season and finished behind them but still went up because of a healthier financial state.