Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Greetings

I don't expect many people from the old sod to be swerving any way close to this site today but I will wish all a happy St. Patrick's Day. If I may be allowed to slip into Dick Cheney oratory for a moment, yes, I am proud to be Irish, yes, I don't give a shit about St. Patrick's Day. But I will be out having a few later, mainly to celebrate a friend's birthday, who owes his second name to his peculiar date of birth. But in the spirit of festivity below is a wee piece that sums up the importance of the day rather accurately, if the Muppets are judging us, well it takes one to know one. Interestingly I was once told by an English lecturer in college that the original air to 'Danny Boy' (the lyrics of which were written by an Englishman, folks) is known as the 'Londonderry air' not out of political chauvinism but because the 'Derry air' would have sounded too much like the French for 'arse' for polite society in the past. Enjoy, and enjoy the day, however you might. Thanks to the Gweedore man for the Muppets. Once again it takes one to know one.