Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dishing the Dirt on Underachievement

As with anyone that tracks their blog and tries to divine reasons for anyone dropping by - and most reasons are aleatory and accidental more than intentional - I have begun to analyse the referrals to Underachievement and have been a bit surprised to find that people have been getting here by chance thanks to searches for things of a more assuredly carnal nature (and, believe me, a blog named 'Underachievement' is not deliberately sought out for such things). It all started off with my mentions of Thomas Gravesen's 'exuberant' girlfriend Kira Eggers and it has spiralled into less obviously glamorous territory. Now, Seanachie is not the sort to throw either the first, third or fifth stone, but he is disturbed on the one hand that his perfectly clean assessment of the German-style toilet attracted one person (only one, I will point out to those others that I know read it) due to a search for 'Sheisse movies' (America hang your head in shame). And then there was the Croatian that somehow ended up here having looked for 'glimpse it torrent' (Google tells me that it's mainly for watersports enthusiasts - I will never use that word 'glimpse' again). And today, Underachievement was solicited for information regarding nude images of its favourite Polish custodian Artur Boruc by one of his countrymen or women. Seanachie has never before used the words 'Artur Boruc' and 'naked' in the one sentence, though the good people at Google, or their algorithmic lackeys, give that impression. Now maybe if you refine your search to 'Artur Boruc+stark+bollock+naked+underachievement', something will happen...